Jewelry Care

Caring for your jewelry:

1. Store your silver when you aren’t wearing it. Exposure to air creates tarnish on silver jewelry. Use a plastic zipper-locked bag to store silver and keep air from hitting it. Specialized bags from jewelry stores are also amazing alternative containers to prevent tarnish and keep silver clean.
2. Take jewelry off before you shower, swim, or get into a hot tub. All those things contain elements that lead to tarnish on silver jewelry. The chlorine, humidity, and/or moisture should be avoided at all cost since it acts as a demise for the shine and luster of silver jewelry pieces.

3. Abstain from using heavily scented products on your hair and skin. Oils and ingredients from perfume, body lotion, and hairspray can tarnish jewelry. Either keep your products light or don’t wear them at all while you’re wearing your jewelry. Apply any lotion or perfume before you put on your jewelry.

4. Cleaning Your Silver with Toothpaste. Aside from commercial jewelry cleaners made to clean silver, you can also use toothpaste. Any toothpaste can work, but it is recommended to use toothpaste used for tartar control. The extra hydrated silica in those brands help remove tarnish more easily. Scrub the toothpaste all over the silver piece. A cotton cloth or paper towel can also be used to help massage toothpaste onto silver jewelry surfaces. Use warm water to get rid of the toothpaste. Once it is cleaned to your liking, pat the piece dry.

Note: There’s one major myth about jewelry that turns your fingers green is that it is fake. The real reason behind the development of a green tint on your skin lies in a ring’s metal composition. Brass, sterling silver and gold-fill jewelry will darken over time. How long this takes depends on your own chemistry and the environment you live in. We suggest embracing the natural properties of the metals and taking some small steps to maintain the pieces.